Mastercard Foundation Fully-funded 2023 AfOx Scholarships for African Students

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The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program and the Africa Oxford Initiative, the University of Oxford and the Mastercard Foundation have an innovative and ambitious partnership (AfOx). 400 young African scholars will have the opportunity to enroll in taught Masters programs at the University of Oxford that are related to pandemic preparedness and recovery thanks to the partnership, which will fully fund their studies.

African young adults with passion, local roots, and a global perspective are supported by the Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarship program as they pursue graduate studies at Oxford University. The shared values of the Mastercard Foundation and AfOx—collegiality, empathy, commitment, inclusion, and community service as the foundation of the Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarship program. The Scholarship is a component of the larger AfOx Graduate Scholars Program, which seeks to assist African students in gaining access to Oxford opportunities and thriving both while attending Oxford and afterward. 

Mastercard Foundation Masters Scholarship Qualification Requirements

  • The AfOx Scholarship from the Mastercard Foundation allows students from all African countries to pursue graduate studies at the University of Oxford.
  • The scholarship will be available to all students with African nationality and residence who receive a conditional offer from the University.
  • The scholarship explicitly emphasizes historically under-represented groups, such as female scholars, people from refugee and displaced backgrounds, and disabled scholars.
    Students from refugee and displaced backgrounds will be given special consideration for housing. 

Application Deadline

Not Specified

How to Apply

  • To be considered for this scholarship, apply to the University of Oxford through the graduate admissions portal by the deadline for your chosen course of study, indicating that you want to apply for AfOx funding. Please thoroughly read the Application Guide before submitting your application. We strongly advise you to submit your application form and all supporting documents at least one week before the course's earliest deadline.Go-to the graduate admision portal from here to register: and, Check the application guide here: 
  • The Oxford University Masters application fee of £75 is waived on request for many low-income countries. Prospective applicants can apply to the Afrisoc Mentoring program for assistance with Oxford applications and potential fee waivers for countries that are not eligible. If you have any questions about the application fee, please contact before submitting your application via the Applicant Portal. 
  • Candidates who are eligible and receive a conditional offer from their course will be invited to apply for the AfOx Graduate Scholarship Program.
    During the application process, all invited candidates will be required to complete the AfOx Graduate Scholarship questionnaire.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be virtually interviewed before decisions are made, and timelines will be communicated during the interview stage. 

Apply Now


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