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Good news for African students, the University of Guelph has announced the Franco J. Vaccarino President's Scholarship for the academic year 2023-2024 to encourage international students to study in Canada.

If you wish to pursue undergraduate degree programs at the university will be eligible for the scholarship. The Scolarship awarded by the will amount to $42,500 award ($8,250 per year for four years of study plus a $9,500 stipend for a summer research assistantship). You will be taken care of for the whole of your stay in Canada as long as you are eligible and won the scholarship award.

The University of Guelph is a research university that offers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs. The University is a broad general research institute ranked among the top 18 in Canada for promoting and developing options in an asset of individuals and associations that promote the institute's grade, preeminence, and societal significance.

Why should you study at this university you may ask? The University of Guelph is known for its high quality education, analysis, and great skills. It is one of the best institutions in Canada. It works to integrate experiential education opportunities into primary and secondary school curricula. 

The deadline for applications is January 25th, 2023.


Department: NA University or Organization: University of Guelph

  • Undergraduate level of study
  • Award: $42,500
  • Online Access Number of Awards: 1
  • International nationality
  • The award can be accepted in Canada. 


 Eligible Countries: All international students are eligible to apply.

Acceptable Coursework: Undergraduate degrees in all the university's subject areas.

Acceptable Standards: The applicants must fulfill all the requirements in order to be eligible:

Have applied for admission and have a current UG student ID number; are international (VISA) students; are beginning the first semester of any undergraduate degree program at the University of Guelph; have never attended a post-secondary institution; have at least an average admission equivalent to a 90.0% Canadian curriculum; and have significantly contributed to their school and community as leaders. 

How to Apply

How to Apply: Students can complete their desired course application process by registering on the university's online portal or on Common Application. The scholarship will be considered for accepted students(https://www.ouac.on.ca/apply/guelphint/en_CA/user/login or https://admission.uoguelph.ca/international/application-forms)


Documents in Support: The following documents must be submitted to the university by the students:

  • Transcripts of official proceedings
  • Transcripts from high school
  • Information about the student profile
  • Country-specific requirements
  • Diploma or certificate copies 

Admission Requirements: To be admitted to the university, applicants must meet the academic entry requirements for the program(Check Here:https://admission.uoguelph.ca/international/admission-requirements )

Language Requirement: Students must complete their English proficiency requirements to demonstrate their English proficiency(Check Here:https://admission.uoguelph.ca/international/english-proficiency-requirements)


One award of $42,500 will be given by the University of Guelph ($8,250 per year for four years of study plus one stipend of $9,500 for a summer research assistantship). 


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