Cancellation of NYSC in Nigeria due to Insecurity and Defeat of the Aim and Objective of NYSC.

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NYSC was created on 22 May, 1973 as an avenue for the reconciliation, reconstruction and rebuilding of the nation after the civil war.
Now there is presently a move for the cancellation of the one year mandatory scheme for Nigerian graduates due to the defeat of its aim and objective (reconciliation, reconstruction and rebuilding of the nation) and insecurity challenges.

The questions remain;

Is the aim and objective of governance achieved in Nigeria? Is Yes why are we facing security challenges? If No, I support the move for cancellation of government.

Secondly, is their any guarantee(s) that Nigerians will be secured if NYSC is cancel? A thousand mile begins with a step. This is a clear indication that educational sector is at the detriment of dead in our beloved country Nigeria, since abduction of both staffs and students has been the business of the abductors.

My opinion is that, cancellation of NYSC is not the best solution to the aforementioned factors but rather the government should ensure the aim and objective of the scheme is not defeated.

                                                     Signed: Patriotic Nigerian(DDE)

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