Top 10 Best Nigerian Transport Company You Can Book Online.

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If you are just like me then this post is just for you!

“How can I know I am just like you man, I barely know you and I have not met you yet. I am just reading your article”, don’t worry. Few more lines and you will get to know we have much in common that you can imagine.

Before the emergence of the internet to what it's now while planning a trip the thing that usually flashes through my mind is; How long will I be waiting at the park? Can I get a window seat? When will the car leave? Among many questions that keep flashing through my mind.

It is always lucky for you you to get that window seat and to keep it, I once paid for a window seat that an older lady who came late to the park now has to seat on. While I interjected, that trip turns out to be my most uncomfortable. I became the villain!

Have you had such an experience also? I told you we have much in common that you can imagine.

Why can't you bookmark this page already cos it is going to be an important read and a reference point for you whenever you are going to travel.

I later start getting drivers' numbers instead. Whenever I am to travel, I will just call and ask for a seat to be reserved in my name and he should call me whenever the car is full and about to leave the park.

You see, I strategically reduce my waiting time at the park!

In this article, I will be sharing with you ways you can book for your trip without necessarily going to the park.

I told you it's going to be a reference point for you whenever you're to travel. Bookmark this page or save it for future use.

Booking Car Trips Online In Nigeria 2022


1. God Is Good Motors(GIGM): God is Good Motors is arguably one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria due to its incorporation of technology and innovation into its business.

Since its inception in 1998, the company has evolved to keep up with the ever-changing and collective transportation industry.
The website is interactive and easy to use, and the state-of-the-art bus terminals make it a popular choice for travelers across the country.  You can purchase tickets at any of their 29 terminals or on their secure website. God is Good Motors is well-known for providing excellent service, with over 500 buses making 50 trips per day on average.

You can purchase their ticket online via GIGM

You can also check for their terminals around Nigeria here

Download the GIGM app on the google play store here


2. Peace Mass Transit: You can easily book your Peace Mass Transit ticket online to save you the stress of going to the park and having to wait in queue for you to do that.

This company which started in 1995 with just 2 busses has over 2000 busses operating all over Nigeria now.

You can book your Ticket for Peace Mass Transit using this Link...

You can also download the peace mass transit app on the Google play store here


3. GUO Transport Limited: Among Nigerian travelers, GUO Transport Limited is well-known and respected. It is a subsidiary of G.U. Okeke & Sons Limited, which was founded in 1980 to provide road transportation between Nigerian cities and states and other West African countries.

GUO online Booking 

You can Book GUO online and travel anywhere in Nigeria. You just need to click on the link here to take you to their site. 

GUO WhatsApp booking

Recently, they introduce their WhatsApp booking platform. thus you can also book sending a message to their number +234704 898 5656. Just send Hi to that number on WhatsApp and have your trip book!


You can again book on GUO using USSD code. Omo, no data, no problem! just-dial *8014*8#  with just a service cost of #20.

GUO Terminal

Check out GUO terminals all over the country using this LINK...

Easy right?


4. Autostar Travels: Autostar Travels is a well-known brand of road transportation that specializes in low-cost and affordable travel, as well as safe and comfortable journeys. The company's mission is to satisfy customers, and it is backed up by an expert team that ensures high-quality service.
Meeting scheduled departure and arrival times is a 99.8% success rate for the company. Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Delta, Anambra, Rivers, and Onitsha are all served by Autostar.
To accommodate the length of the journey, the company offers a variety of vehicle configurations, ranging from 5-seater vehicles to 18-seater buses.

Autostar Travels Online Booking

You can Book for Autostar Travels online by following this LINK

Autostar Travels Terminal

 Check for the Autostar Travels Terminal closer to you using this LINK


5. Chisco Transport CompanyChisco Transport Company is one of the oldest road transportation companies in the country. It was founded as an auto parts retailing company by Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu (MFR) before being transformed into what we now know as a household transport company.

Chisco Transport Company Online booking

You can book your Chisco Transport Company ticket online using this LINK

Chisco Transport Company Terminal.

Check for the closest Chisco Transport Company terminal to you to book your ticket for your trip manually. You can check that using this LINK

Chisco Transport Company Royalty Program.

Chisco's Ride and Rewards Loyalty Club is our way of thanking you for your patronage and ensuring that you are treated with respect. It is our Customer Loyalty Program/Club for our most loyal customers.

How To Join

Membership is driven by points acquired through regular travel with CHISCO. As a regular traveler, you acquire points.

  • One-way ticket: 2 points.
  • One-way ticket plus a selfie with our bus on the trip posted on social media: 3 points.
  • A Round Trip (to & fro) ticket: 4 points.
  • A Round Trip (to & fro) ticket plus a selfie with our bus on the trip posted on social media: 5 points.
  • 10 points qualify you as a member
  • 50 points you become eligible for a Loyalty Membership card that gives you up to a 15% discount on every trip

For more information on the Terms and conditions of Chisco Royalty Program, you can visit this LINK


6. Bluewhales Transport Company Limited: It is a Nigerian transport company that operates within the country's borders, with routes between Abuja and Jos currently covered. We are planning to expand into new cities soon. With a team of trained and highly motivated drivers, bus operators, and dedicated support staff, you will have an unrivaled traveling experience.

Bluewhales Transport Company Online Booking

You can easily book Bluewhales online via this LINK

Bluewhales transport Campany terminal

To physically book Bluewhales for your travels, simply follow this LINK

You can Also download Bluewhales android app on Playstore by following this LINK


7. EFEX executive Transport Company: Efex, which has been in business for eight years, is steadily increasing its market share in the road transport industry. The company is growing in popularity as a result of its stress-free and expert handling of international destinations such as Ghana, Togo, Cote d'Ivoire, and the Benin Republic.

Booking EFEX Online

You can Book EFEX Executive transport company online at ease and stay clear of any form of stress. use this LINK


8. ABC Transport: This road transport company was founded on February 13th, 1993, and has since grown to a reputable size both in and outside of Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the city of Owerri in the state of Imo.

ABC Transport Online Booking

You can easily book a seat on an ABC transport website. Simply use this Link

Also, you can download their android app on playstore by following this LINK

For Apple iPhone users, you can get yours on the App store. Simply follow the LINK


9. Cross Country Limited: Cross Country Limited was established in 2001 with the mission of transporting goods and passengers within Nigeria as well as to international destinations.

Book Cross Country Online 

You can Book a Cross Country Limited bus online easily. Simply log on to their portal by clicking this Link

Cross Country Terminal

For Cross Country terminal closer to you, just click on this link to get all the information you need. here is the LINK

10. The Young Shall Grow Motors: The road transport company has been in operation since 1972, spanning more than 40 years. After starting as a minibus transport company in Enugu, the company grew and moved its operations office to Maza-Maza, Lagos, where it remains today.

Booking The Young Shall Grow Online

You can easily book The young shall grow online using this LINK


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