[TAROKTV] S.A to Langtang North LGA Chairman donates books to 4th Avenue Public Library.

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Comr. Burnan Armstrong Zittas who was one time SUG Presidential Aspirant in the university of Jos and also the current Special Adviser on press and policy management to the executive chairman of Langtang North LGA Hon. Joshua Ubandoma Laven donates 20 books to the newly established Public Library called '4th Avenue Library' cited in Zangzat, Langtang North.

In my quest to give back to the society at this crucial time where our nation is stage with injustice, molestation, socio-economic crisis and administration misfiring, I couldn't think of anything else rather than the words of T.S. Eliot who says "The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of humanity." Hence my passionate desire to breathe that hope into the Future of Langtang people, plateau and Nigeria at large. Burnan asserted.

He continued to say that, "though the reading habit of Africans is like a bewildering paradox of a giant on clay feet, I'm not demoralized. I still believe that "literacy is the bridge from misery to hope" as Late Kofi Annan (Former UN Secretary General) would say.

I'm optimistic that, when we continue to support and build more libraries, we would attain the true dividends of this adage saying "Knowledge is Power" and reconstruct the headlines of tyrants and dictators who recently ushered anarchy into human democratic existence with their notorious believe that "Power is Power"

The young activist, therefore called on the government, grant agencies, civil servants, business tycoons and well meaning Nigerians to support platforms, NGOs and private individuals who are committed to Library development in all ways possible because Whatever the cost of a library is, the price is cheaper compare to the ignorant of a Nation.

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Chalnan jennifer Wuyep Wed 15th Sep 2021 by 7:39 am

That is so great Keep the Hood work ????????????

Emmanuel Magaji Nannim Wed 15th Sep 2021 by 8:31 am

Yes I love this wonderful gesture. Despise not your little beginning. The later end shall be greatly increased. We pray the Lord open doors for many out there to do so too in different areas. God bless you.

Jekreh Japhet Magaji Wed 15th Sep 2021 by 9:50 am

Weldone my capacity 001

Nanman Nanfa Wed 15th Sep 2021 by 12:11 pm

Thanks for This kind Gesture.

Nanman Nanfa Wed 15th Sep 2021 by 12:13 pm

With youths like You, we are Certain that our Tomorrow will be great.

Tyem Abu Danjuma Wed 17th Nov 2021 by 9:26 am

You have done well Comr! that is just the starting point.

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