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The People of Plateau Southern Senatorial District under the umbrella of National Youth Vanguard for Good Governance Plateau State Chapter has demanded for the creation of Lowland State and Ibang Local Government from present Plateau state.
The group made the demands at Langtang North and South Federal Constituency public hearing for the review of 1999 constitution before the National Assembly committee in Jos on Wednesday.
Comrade Timkat N Peter, the spoke person of association said Plateau Southern deserve a to be state name Lowland with capital city in Langtang-Mikang Axis. He said the new state constitute southern senatorial district of Plateau South made of Langtang North, Langtang South, Mikang, Wase, Shendam, Mikang and Quanpan, Local Government Areas. The new Lowland State has viable land for Agricultural Farming of crops such as maize, guinea corn, Cassava, Yam, Grain, Cow peas, Rice, Fonios, Monumental Crops, cotton, groundnut, flowers, vegetables, tomatoes, onion, banana, and beans. Also the areas has present of mineral resources such as iron ore, zinc, gold, silver, lead, coal, clay, marble, gemstone, baritems, and Sapphire are found in commercial quantity in Wase, Langtang South and Langtang North Local Government Areas.
Similarly the group also demand creation of Igwangishi Local Government Area with headquarters in Ibang Community between Langtang-Wase axis to bring Government close to people.
According to him, since 1992, there was proposal for the creation of Lowland State with headquarters in Langtang during General Sani Abacha regime. It was because of the growing population and availability of mineral resources in Plateau South which inspired General Abacha to promise creation of Lowland State out of the present Plateau State, with part's of Nasarawa and Taraba States to join. It was in record that Bokkos people were interested to join instead to remain in the present Plateau State. Part of Taraba and Nasarawa would join the Lowland State. The dreams of late General Abacha can't be ignore at this time when Nigeria is in the process of amendment of 1999 constitution.
“Hence we anchor our demand in the premise of the trust we had in Abacha's dream who see a viable State name Lowland State suitable for Agricultural Farming and minerals exploration.
“Restore the dream of General Abacha and others prominent Nigerians to give Plateau Southern people autonomous of Government.
Similarly, in his submission, Comrade Timkat , National Coordinator of NYGG Plateau State Chapter State also Call for full implementation of electronic voting system for 2023 General Election. Election is key to the stability of democracy in any country because it enables the citizens decide who represent and govern them. In Nigeria, representatives of the three arms of government (federal, state and local) are chosen by election. Timkat stressed that the integrity of the election process is fundamental to the integrity of democracy, therefore the electoral process of a country must be transparent and comprehensible enough to enable voters and candidates accept the results. However, the election circle in Nigeria is characterized with numerous problems. The major problems include: missing names of some registered voters, intimidation and disfranchisement of voters, multiple and underage voting, snatching or destruction of ballot boxes, miscomputation and falsification of result. In addition, there is lack of probity, accountability, transparency and trust on the part of government. In light of these, Comrade Timkat demand for introduction of information technology in the electoral process of Nigeria (evoting) to curb the ugly menace.
Over the years, Nigeria has been desirous of a credible voting system due to the irregularities that hampered previous elections which include: ballot stuffing, intimidation of voters, destruction of election materials, attack on election officials, hijacking of ballot boxes, violence, vote buying and manipulation of election results. The gory experience of the 2019 Nigeria general election is a pointer to the inevitability of electronic voting in Nigeria. He said.
He said additional local government need to be created; Ibang from present Langtang-Wase Local Government Areas to add up to the propose Lowland State.
He further said that the association are also in support of Local Government Autonomy in all ramifications, implementation of Electronic Voting System for 2023 General Election.
In his remarks, Hon Idris Maje Wase Chairman constitutional review committee Plateau State Centre, assured that all the memorandums would be submitted before the House for consideration.
Idris Maje who is the Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives said the review of the constitution would be base on wishes and aspirations of the people's.

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Rikat Mantim Thu 3rd Jun 2021 by 8:17 am

This is commendable.

JANGNAPNIMJUL Thu 3rd Jun 2021 by 10:23 pm

IS a welcome development

Lachak binbut seldom Thu 10th Jun 2021 by 3:12 am

It's a welcome development.

Lachak binbut seldom Thu 10th Jun 2021 by 3:12 am

It's a welcome development.

James changnan kapyil Fri 18th Jun 2021 by 8:43 pm

This is welcome development , we just pray the implementation when well

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