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The basic function of any government is the security of lives and property. Before any other roles are considered, these two must be the primary focus of the government. So, how can a state let its people down?
To know this, we have to understand what a government is and what is her power, limit to her power and the functions of a government.


When we checked the keyword government, this is the result, "the group of people with the authority to govern ( conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of (a state, organization, or people) with authority) a country or state; a particular ministry in office".
To bring order to a people, a government needs to be in place. In Nigeria where democracy is been practiced, a person must be voted and won the majority votes before he or she can be sworn in to represent the people in government.

The people have recognized the fact that not everyone can be making laws. A single citizen to represent the interests of the majority will be the best choice for ensuring that no one feels left out of the process of creating such laws.

Through democracy, a government is formed. It's now given the responsibility to manage my opening paragraph, "protect lives and properties" and other functions.
So the government is given the power and the machinery to see to the safety of its citizens.

Government Power.

The government has been entrusted with several responsibilities to oversee. It's illegitimate for anyone or persons without this power to exercise the authority to which it's only those who have been entrusted with can do so. As a result, it is illegal for a civilian to take up arms and engage in any type of conflict. The government, not the people, has the authority to declare war. They may only communicate their displeasure to the government through the proper procedures, which the government will investigate. The government's power is limited by the Constitution's provisions. Any government in power derives its authority from the Constitution; without the Constitution, the government can only issue an official decree. if another government should come into power, such decree can be easily overturned! But Constitutionally backed laws must go through the legislative for review before they can be changed. Government Power is a direct derivative of the Constitution.
Functions of the Government.

  • Preserve Order
  • Defend Against External Enemies
  • Manage Economic Conditions
  • Provide Collective (Public) Goods
  • Redistribute Income and Resources
  1. Preserve Order: In any sane society, the basic necessity for peaceful coexistence is ORDER. The government is tasked with the responsibility of keeping or preserving order in society.The government is to ensure domestic tranquility.
  2. Defend Against External Enemies: War has been a constant in the human experience from the dawn of recorded civilization, notwithstanding anthropologists' disagreements about whether humans are naturally warlike. A growing body of scholarship suggests that the state evolved into its present, modern form because of its superior capacity for waging war vis-à-vis competing for forms of political organization. While the development of nuclear weapons in the mid-20th century makes the outright conflict between powerful states less likely but more dangerous, one of the government's chief functions is a societal defense against external aggression that is still a priority.
  3. Manage Economic Conditions: Governments in modern times are supposed to foster economic progress and material affluence.
  4. Redistribute Income and Resources: Governments tax wealthier citizens and transfer income and services to certain categories of individuals who are thought to need them. As a result, modern governments can all be classified as welfare states. Welfare governments not only transfer money from the wealthy to the poor, but they also redistribute resources from the young to the elderly, crippled, and socially disadvantaged. The impoverished receive subsidized housing, food, and health care from wealthier governments, as well as pensions for the aged.
  5. Provide Collective (Public) Goods: Governments have a critical role in the provision of public goods. These are frequent services that private markets are unable to offer, or can give but in an inefficient or unfair manner. National security is a good example. Can private markets provide military security? Sure, military security can be outsourced. Private mercenaries could be hired by wealthy individuals and governments. However, history shows that relying on mercenaries to safeguard communities is a hazardous tactic because mercenaries may turn against the governments which hired them. They could endanger the people they were hired to guard. As a result, effective governments have a tendency to have a monopoly on national security. Once provided, everyone shares in its benefits. The same is true of clean air, the postal service, and the interstate highway system. Certain goods are best provided by the government, though individuals often disagree over what those are.

Through the functions of the government above, you can agree with me that the Nigerian government has failed so badly at different ends. The citizens are suffering lots because the government is not performing its basic functions as outlined above. These are not the only functions a government can perform but at least, some of the basic ones. Nigeria is been ravaged by insecurity, lack of price control, and a lot of issues that the government hasn't opened its eyes to see. This is a call on the government to rethink and bring back a functional Nigeria where all can be safe and equal. Thank you for reading.

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