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When arrested and charged to court, appearances in court can be traumatic and stressful for both the individual and the family of those arrested. To add to this trauma, some unknown and unexpected amount will be demanded by the court for the family or the person in jail to pay to avoid being sent to jail while awaiting a court appearance.
Bail bond works as an intermediary to alleviate and lessen this stress for the family and the jailed. They are used to secure the freedom of the defendant before the court hearing or appearance by putting up the money needed for bail without taking much money needed for the bail from the family or friends of the person in jail.
The option of a bail bond will save your loved ones from going to jail unnecessarily and also get you to not pay for the bail with your money.
In this article, we will be presenting the guide you need to get a bail bond and the nearest one to you anytime and how you can access bail from the bail bond.

Understanding Bail Bond.

For us to understand or know “What is bail bond?”, there is a need to first define and understand what bail is. In the United State, bail is usually some set amount the court order someone who has been arrested and awaiting a court appearance to pay, when this amount is paid, he can be released pending when he will appear in court. When he does, the bail amount will be released back to the person that bailed him. This amount varied differently across the states in the United State.
Now to what bail bond agency is, this is an agency that poses bail for an accused person awaiting trial in court. They pledge money and act as surety to the person’s next appearance in court. Banks and other money-lending or loaning institutions rarely give out money on loan for this purpose but there exist bail bond agencies for this cause, they take the risk and help the accused.
A bail bond is not a world practice, it is only done in the United States of America (USA) and the Philippines that you can find these agencies in existence.
In the US, it's only in a few states that this agency or company is not in existence, states like Illinois, Kentucky, Main, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Oregon Wisconsin, and Washington, DC.
The way bail works and the amount set for the accused to pay are determined by the judge. In some states, some matrices are kept in place to assist the judge in making such decisions. They are based on the crime they accuse have done while in another state that this does not exist, the judge has to look at the predicted flight risk of the person in question and other factors to determine the bail.

Who has the right to Bail?

Generally speaking, anyone who has not been charged with any capital crime can be bail. Laws exist in a different state to keep the capital crime suspect in custody until their appearance in court if they are seen as a flight risk or still a danger to the public.
However, bail should be granted to everyone else accused of a crime.

How Bail Bond Works.

Once a person is arrested and charged to court, a date will be fixed for the hearing of the case but for the accused not to remain in jail till the date fixed for his appearance in court, bail is given to be paid by the accused family or friends. A bail bondsman will step in to pay for the bail and now will be responsible for the accused appearing in court.
If the accused skip appearing in court a grace period is given for the bondsman to turn bounty hunter and provide the accused in court. Once the grace period expired, the court will take the bail money and the bondsman will also take the collateral from the family or friend of the accused.
It’s very important for the accused to never skip court appearances.

Different Types of Bonds

  •  Cash bond: It is the simplest type of bail, the accused pays the full amount allocated for the bail by the court. The accused can use any acceptable means of payment to make this bail.
  •  Surety Bond: This is the type we are talking about in this article, a third party will step in to make the payment should in case the accused jump bail and refuse to appear in court.
  •  Property Bond: In this case, the property is put up in place of money and the court seizes the property should in case the person refuses or fail to appear in court.
  • Immigration Bail Bond: This refers to people detained for immigration-related reasons. It works the same way as a surety bond but the bail amount is set a little bit higher due to the federal nature of the case.
  • Federal bail bond: If the defendant is being accused of a federal offense (offense such as Kidnapping, bank robbery, fraud, hate crimes), it's followed by a higher fee and some extra collateral to be posted before the accused can be released.
  • Citation Release: this is usually given for minor crimes, a written notice is given to the arresting officer and the accused is allowed to go home and instruct to appear in court on the set date for his hearing.
  • Personal Recognizance Release: Its granted to people who are deemed not to be dangerous to society and are not flight risk suspects. They are released for free and no amount is posted for bail here.


Did you get arrested? What to do!

What To Do 1: Call A Bail Bond Agent.

  • State the name of the person arrested in full.
  • Give the jail name they are in.
  • Give the agent their booking or report number.
  • What they are being charged for, give this detail to the agent too.
  • Any extra information regarding the arrest may help the agent.

What To Do 2: Paper Work

The agent will want you to sign some paperwork to secure their service, this may include you paying a certain percentage of the bail. and signing off some collateral for the bail.

What To Do 3: Posting Bail

The bail bond agent will now go to the station where your loved one is held and secure his release.

What To Do 4: Release From Jail

This should take half an hour or at most, an hour depending on how crowded the jail maybe.


Bail Bond Agent Near Me.

You need to know how to get to a bail bond agent near you for this article to be effective. There is a way that is done, a system has been designed and put in place for this special purpose and how to use the system is the easiest.

You just need to log onto the system and input your state and your city, a list of bail bond agent will popup for you to choose the closest to you and start chatting immediately.

Just log on to Bail Bond National Portal and do your search now to start your bail.

Thank you for reading and stay out of trouble.

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