Tarok Nation and its notability

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Wed 24th Mar 2021 289

Tarok Nation and its notability

•The TAROK people settled in the southern zone of Plateau state

•They're the second Largest Ethnic group in plateau state,after the malicious BEROM.

•There king is called the 'PONZHI'

•They occupied almost seven LGAs in plateau state viz;

1.Langtang north

2. Mikang




6.Kanke and

7.Langtang south

•There headquarter is in the City of 'LANGTANG'

•They're Mainly Christians by Believe and there is no mosque in Langtang north and south LGA of the TAROKLAND

•They're the 19th Largest ethnic group in the middle-belt*

•some notable Nigerian armies in TAROKLAND viz;

*Gen.Jeremiah Timku Useni( former military Governor of the FCT)

*Gen.Joe Garba(The former Minister of Defence and WAEC chairman africa at large)

*Air Marshal.Wuyep Wayep

*Gen.DogoYaro ID(Minister of Defence)

*HRH.Gen.Domkat Bali,The Ponzhi Tarok and the former Minister of defence during GMB regime

*Rear Admiral.Emmanuel London

*Gen.Musa Gambo

*Brig.Gen.John Shagaya

*Brig.Gen.John Temlong


*Lt.Col.Domfa Manasseh Ramgang

*Gen.Manda Olivier

*Gen.Selchum Gabong

To Mention But the few;Among many others

•Lets go to TAROK pioneers to Nigeria;

#Solomon Lar(The pioneer of the ruling party PDP:In 1984,GMB sentenced Him and Obasanjo To 27 years Imprisonment and IBB later-on overthrown GMB in 1985 and free them as a result of that,Solomon Lar and Olusegun Obasanjo protested against GMB and Create anew party called PDP FurtherMore,Solomon Lar is also the First civilian Governor of the Defunct Benue-Plateau state,He is a hero)

#Barr.Solomon Dalung(Pls note:He is not from Solomon Lar's family". This Man,Barr.Solomon Dalung is popularly called, 'Igbarman O'tarok' He is 2012 winner of Radio france International Award live in Paris,He is an emancipator,Generous man full of stamina;

#Victor Rampyal Lar

#Engr.Jimmy Z Cheto

#Godfrey Miri

#Hitler F.Dadi

#Brain Dadi

#Beni Lar

#Bendel Nancwat


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