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Sun 26th Mar 2023 336

My Charts Kettering reviews

Hello, and welcome to My Charts Kettering! My Charts Kettering strives to provide the most advanced healthcare technology to their clients. We provide online appointment scheduling, secure messaging, patient education, and a variety of other services. Our mission is to make healthcare more accessible and efficient for all. 

My Charts Kettering is an online patient portal that allows Kettering Health Network patients to access their medical records, test results, appointment scheduling, and prescription refill requests. This portal gives patients more control over their healthcare while also improving communication between healthcare providers and patients. You can learn exactly what patients and providers think of our services by reading our detailed reviews. Continue reading to find out more about My Charts Kettering and our reviews.

Comparison with other similar platforms

Several other patient portals on the market are similar to MyCharts Kettering, such as MyChart by Epic Systems, Cerner Health, and Athenahealth. Let's compare My Charts Kettering to Epic Systems' MyChart in terms of features, usability, and popularity.

Both platforms provide similar services, such as appointment scheduling, prescription refill requests, and access to medical records. MyChart by Epic Systems, on the other hand, includes additional features such as virtual visits, online bill pay, and the ability to message providers directly.

User-friendliness: Both platforms are simple to use and navigate. MyChart by Epic Systems, on the other hand, has a more modern and user-friendly interface, making it more appealing to users.

MyChart by Epic Systems is used by over 250 healthcare organizations, whereas My Charts Kettering is only available to Kettering Health Network patients. As a result, Epic Systems' MyChart is more widely used and has a larger user base.

Advantages and disadvantages of using My Charts Kettering


  • Patients can view their medical records, test results, and other important information online, making it easier to stay on top of their health.
  • Patients can schedule appointments online, which saves time and makes the process more convenient.
  • Refill requests for prescriptions: Patients can request prescription refills online, which is more convenient than visiting a pharmacy in person.


  • My Charts Kettering is only available to Kettering Health Network patients, which limits its reach.
  • My Charts Kettering has fewer features and functionalities when compared to other patient portals.
  • Technical issues: Some patients have reported having difficulty accessing or navigating the portal's features, which can be frustrating.


My Charts Kettering is a helpful patient portal that allows you to easily access medical records, schedule appointments, and request prescription refills. However, when compared to other patient portals, such as Epic Systems' MyChart, it has fewer features and is less widely available. My Charts Kettering is a good option if you are a Kettering Health Network patient. However, if you want a patient portal with more features and wider availability, look into MyChart by Epic Systems.


Can I use MyCharts Kettering if I am not a Kettering Health Network patient?

No, My Charts Kettering is only available to Kettering Health Network patients.

Are My Charts Kettering Easy to Use?

Yes, My Charts Kettering is user-friendly and simple to use.

What services do My Charts Kettering provide?

Appointment scheduling, prescription refill requests, and access to medical records and test results are all available through My Charts Kettering.

What makes My Charts Kettering different from other patient portals?

My Charts Kettering has fewer features and is not as widely available as other patient portals. However, it is a viable option for Kettering Health Network patients.

Can I communicate with my healthcare provider using My Charts Kettering?

No, My Charts Kettering does not currently allow you to directly message healthcare providers.

Can I use my mobile device to access My Charts Kettering?

Yes, My Charts Kettering is accessible from any internet-connected device, including mobile devices.

Is MyCharts Kettering safe?

Yes, My Charts Kettering is secure and adheres to all applicable healthcare privacy laws and regulations to safeguard patients' personal and medical information.

How do I join MyCharts Kettering?

You must be a Kettering Health Network patient to sign up for My Charts Kettering. You can sign up by asking your healthcare provider or visiting the MyCharts Kettering website for more information.


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