How To Treat Mastitis Naturally

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Article By Nurse Ibrahim Lawan

Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection. mostly affects a woman who is breastfeeding (lactation mastitis) but can occur in a woman who is not breastfeeding and in men, and when it affects both breasts is benign noncancerous breast diseases. Signs And Symptoms

  1.  Breast Tenderness
  2.  Breast Swelling
  3.  Breast Discharge
  4. Thickening of breast tissue /Breast lump
  5. Pain (Burning Sensation) Continuously or while breastfeeding
  6. Generally feeling ill
  7. Fever of 38.3°c or greater
  8. Flue-like Symptoms

Causes of Mastitis

The main cause of mastitis is trapped breast milk, other causes include:

  1. A blocked milk duct
  2. Bacteria entering into the breast

Risk Factors of Mastitis

  1.  previous history of mastitis
  2. sore or cracked nipple
  3. wearing of tightfitting bra that pressurizes the breast
  4. Improper Nursing technique
  5. poor nutrition
  6. smoking

Treatment of Mastitis

  1.  Antibiotics for 10days
  2. Pain relievers e.g Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen


Other Treatments of Mastitis Include:

  1.  Avoid prolonged overfilling of the breast with milk before breastfeeding
  2. Trying to ensure  that an infant latches on the breast correctly
  3. Massaging the breast while breastfeeding or pumping, from the affected area down toward the nipple
  4. Make sure your breast drains completely during breast-feeding
  5. Warm and moist heat should be applied to the breast before breastfeeding or pumping milk.
  6. Breastfeeding on the affected side first while the baby hunger and swelling strongly
  7. Varying your breastfeeding position

Home Remedy

To relieve Discomfort following can be done:

  1. Constantly breastfeed to avoid prolonged overfilling of the breast milk.
  2.  Apply cool compresses or ice packs to your breast after breastfeeding.
  3. Wear a supportive bra.
  4. Rest as much as possible.
  5. massages.
  6. High-calorie diet and rich in protein.


To minimize the mastitis following can be practices

  1. Fully drain the milk from the breast while breastfeeding
  2. Allow baby to empty one breast before changing breast to another
  3. Changing the position used to breastfeed from one feeding to the next
  4. Make Sure your baby latches on properly during feeding
  5. Smoking cessation



Collection of pus (Abscess)

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