How To Block ATM Card Access Bank

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Mon 27th Mar 2023 113

How To Block ATM Card Access Bank

Having been in a situation where your ATM card is misplaced, stolen or lost, the safety and wisest thing to do is to immediately block the account. This is to secure your account Incase the ATM has been stolen, so as to prevent any unauthorized transactions on your account.

If you an access bank account holder you will be pleased to know that access bank has made it super easy and convenient for its customers to block there debit card remotely due to any of the above reasons.

In this article, I’m  going to be showing you a lot of amazing ways on how to block your access bank debit card if it has been compromised. Keep reading to find out more.

Ways on how to block your access ATM card.

There are a number of interesting and really easy ways to block your access bank debit card once it is misplaced, stolen or lost.

I’m  going to be talking about each of the following methods in details:

  1. Using the access USSD code.
  2. Using the access mobile app.
  3. Via customer service.

Using the access bank USSD code.

This method is also know as the mobile banking method, using the access bank USSD code has proven to be a very fast and effective way to block your ATM card remotely.

To block your ATM using the access bank USSD code all you have to do is dial *901*11#.

Note: this process is to be done on the mobile number linked to your access bank account.

Once your dial the above code, you’ll be asked for your USSD pin to complete the process.

Once that is completed, you would have successfully blocked your access bank debit card.

Using the access mobile app.

Another very effective and simple way to block your access debit card is by using the mobile app, this process is known as internet banking.

Follow these easy steps to block your access bank debit card using the internet banking method:

  1. Download and install the access more app on your mobile device if you do not have it already.
  2. Sign up if your haven’t or login if you already have an account on the mobile app.
  3. On the dashboard click on cards and cheques
  4. Select manage card,
  5. Click on “block” and select the account you wish to block ( this is due to the fact that some people have more than one access account.)
  6. Enter your pin or token number,
  7. Select “block this card”

Once the above process is s completed your would have successfully blocked your access debit card using the internet banking method.

Via customer service.

Another really simple way to block your card, where you don’t have to do a thing is by contacting the access bank customer service immediately.

This process is very easy, all you have to do is let them know that you wish to block your debit card and provide the reason for the request.

After that they will require a few more information from you for identification and clarity and with that they will block your debit card in a jiffy.

To get their correct contact line, you can visit the access bank official website

You can also contact them on their social media pages.




Also, you can live chat them on their website or send them an email:

An alternative way to block your access debit card.

If all the above mentioned methods do not suit you, you can always visit any Access bank close to you and request that they block you card. Of course, they will require a few informations from you and will be willing and happy to help you block your debit card immediately.

Can I unblock my card anytime?

Once an access debit card is blocked, if cannot be unblocked again. The only thing you can do is go to the bank and request for another one and it will be issued to you.

Also, bear in mind that in cases where you debit card is lost and all the above options can’t be applicable, transfer all your money to a different account until the issue is resolved.

I hope this article has been helpful to you today, kindly like, comment and if course share to your friends in your social media.



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