Does 1010 block fun pay?

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Does 1010 block fun pay?

It is very likely that you can come across the 1010 block puzzle app accidentally while surfing the internet. This is a game that has been said to enable users earn quite some cash just by playing the game.

As enticing as that seems, I’m sure you want to quickly go download and install the game on the play store, the mere thought of making some cash while playing a game can be very appealing, but it is also okay to be doubtful about it as that might not be the case after playing the game.

This article is here to help you know all you need to know about the 1010 block puzzle app before you decide whether or not you want to go and download it. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is 1010 Fun?

1010 block fun is a puzzle game that requires making a row or column of blocks. The blocks get eliminated once a row or column has been made correctly and then you can continue making another row or column. 

When blocks get eliminated, you get rewarded with coins. You will also receive chests that are filled with in-app cash,  the in-app cash when collected can be cashed out through PayPal. it

Similar to other apps where you can earn rewards, you will not be able to access the cash earned on the 1010 block until you reach the required payment level. This means you might not be able to collect the promised reward even after putting in lots of time and effort. 

Is 1010 Block Fun Legit?

This is the first question that a lot of people would want an answer to, is 1010 block fun legit?

 Similar to other apps that promise cash rewards, you will be rewarded when you begin to play 1010 block fun. These earnings will keep you affix as you continue to play the game to earn more.

Nonetheless, the game has been explicitly designed to reduce your earning rate as you continue to play the game sketchy I know. This is deliberately done to prevent you from reaching the payment level and stop you from cashing out your earnings.

Bear in mind also that. Reaching the payment level does not guarantee payment just like it is with similar apps. Your payout request might get ignored and you won’t get paid after putting so much effort into it.

The 1010 block fun game’s Terms and conditions also reveal that they are not compelled to provide payment which is why the game is not legit as it does not guarantee the payment it promises. 

How Does 1010 Block Work?

After ascertaining that the game is not legit and you decide to give the game a trial, we will he happy to walk you through the process or installation as well as how to play. Keep reading to find out more.

How To Install 1010 Block Fun.

The process to Installing the 1010 block fun game is pretty easy and straightforward.  Once you visit your play store, search for the game, download the game and wait patiently for it to be installed on your mobile phone. After the game has been installed you will have to read through the Terms and conditions before you start to play. This is very important so you know all applicable legal rules to the game.

Once read and understood, accept the Terms and conditions this shows that you’re okay with the game’s policy and you can proceed with playing the game. 

 How To Play.

Once you have installed and signed up on the app, you will receive 20 coins as your signing-up bonus. Another 20 coins will be made available if you watch the video ad. It is important to take note that watching video ads will be required in different aspects of the game if you truly want to earn real cash. 

The sole aim of the game is to eliminate as many blocks as possible. You will be able to eliminate blocks by filling a row or column with blocks. When a row or column has been successfully filled with blocks, the block will be removed providing you with additional space to continue making blocks. 

As you eliminate blocks, you will receive in-game coins and chests, filled with cash rewards. To open a chest and earn cash, you will be required to watch video ads. You will also get points by placing blocks on the game board.  You can follow up on your gaming progress through the progress bar located at the top of the screen to know how close you are to reaching the payment cash out level. 

Once the progress bar reaches hundred percent, your PayPal cash gift has been successfully unlocked. You will be required to click on the PayPal icon and watch a video ad to claim your just-earned cash gift. 

Note: You will be allowed to continue playing the game until there is no available space on the game board. You will also have access to different tools to assist you while you play. There is a hammer that can easily eliminate a square of blocks,  and a tool for replacing the options of blocks you can choose from. You can make use of your earned coin to purchase more of these tools. 

1010 Block Fun Payment.

While playing the 1010 block fun, you will be able to see your balance anytime. Although, you will be notified that you need to earn more money before you’ll be able to cash out your earnings to your PayPal account. 

The game will not give you the required amount you have to earn before cashing out. Nonetheless, other similar games require you to earn up to $100 to $200 so that might also be the case with 1010 block fun.

Your earned In-game coins can also be converted to PayPal and Amazon gift cards which is another way of earning. To earn an £5 PayPal or Amazon gift card, it will cost up to 190,00 in-game coins. 

 Other Alternatives To 1010 Block Fun?

Peradventure you are not willing to waste your time and effort on a game that doesn’t pay, you might be wondering if there are other alternatives. Yes there are, you can try out NFT games as you can have some fun while you make some cash as well. 

NFT games are also available in different game genres so it is very seamless to find an NFT game of your preference.  However, it is important to note that NFT games are always competitive so you will have to put in the work before you earn. 

Finally, similar to the majority of these apps that promise rewards while you play, 1010 block fun is a continual cycle of unending tasks and video ads that do not guarantee your payment. Almost all participants who have installed the app have negative feedback as they all report the game as a waste of time, effort and energy. Instead of providing the promised cash rewards, the developer makes lots of ad money off it’s users,which is generated through the unending video ads that players are required to watch to earn their promised rewards. 


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